• Sound insulation, reduces the transmission of airborne noise in walls between neighbours
  • Reduces airborne noise
  • Improves room comfort
  • Fire resistant

3 MIX is a complex made up of a sheet of synthetic EPDM rubber of 3.5 kg/m2 that has AIRMIX 10 mm thick felt adhered to one of its sides.

Acoustic reduction

14 cm thick perforated brick wall with a double layer of 13 mm thick laminated plaster and LAMIX between panels, in the reinforcement chamber multi-layer 3 MIX material has been placed and it gives the following results in acoustic reduction:

Rw (C; Ctr) = 54 (-2; 4) ISO 717-2
R’ (A) = 53 dB(A) NBE CA-88

Test carried out as per the UNE-EN-ISO 140-4:1999 in standardised "in situ" chambers.

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