FOAMMIX 3/5/10 mm 

FOAMMIX 3/5/10 mm 
  • Reinforced PE sheet to reduce the transmission of impact noise in floors
  • Atenúa el ruido de impacto
  • Protección al punzonamiento

FOAMMIX is a high-density reticulated Polyethylene (PE) sheet with thickness of 3/5/10 mm reinforced by fleece adhere on one of its sides.

Acoustic reduction

FOAMMIX 5 between a framework of concrete flooring blocks (25 + 5 cm) and a 4 cm thick layer of cement on top, finished off with 1 cm floor tiles gives the following results in acoustic reduction:

R'w (C; Ctr) = 52 (-1; 4) dB ISO 717-1 to airborne noise
R' (A) = 51 dB(A) NBE CA-88 to airborne noise
L'n,w (Ci) = 58 (-4) dB ISO 717-2 to impact noise
L'n (A) = 65 dB(A) NBE CA-88 to impact noise

Test carried out as per the UNE-EN-ISO 140-6:1999 standard in LABEIN

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