• Acoustic insulation particularly indicated for reducing airborne noise in drywalls
  • Reduces airborne noise
  • Improves room comfort

LAMIX is a sheet of synthetic EPDM rubber, that is manufactured in various thicknesses and weights depending on the acoustic insulation needs. It can be supplied with a self-adhesive on one of its sides to make installation easier. With a film of aluminium adhered to one of its sides, making it resistant to M1 fires.

Acoustic reduction

LAMIX between two panels of laminated plaster making a sandwich in reinforced brick walls of 14 cm perforated bricks with 3 MIX inside gives the following results in acoustic reduction:

R’ (C; Ctr) = 54 (-2; -4) dB ISO 717-2
R’ A =53 dB(A) NBE CA-88

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