We cherish silence

AIT is a company specialising in the manufacture of acoustic insulation materials.

We isolate you from the sound of 600 Hp.

We help to create some of the most exclusive and relaxing environments

We improve your quality of life

Thanks to our advanced acoustic insolation systems


60 years of experience as our guarantee

AIT is a company dedicated to manufacturing materials for acoustic insulation and materials to absorb the noises caused by vibrations. The solutions offered by AIT are the result of more than 60 years of experience. Thanks to this expertise, to continuous research, and investment in new technologies and products, our engineers develop innovative solutions with materials that are increasingly sophisticated and effective.

We export worldwide

Our philosophy is to offer to a very competitive market the highest levels of quality in product and service. We have worldwide presence, with 70% of our production dedicated to the export market. We grow without losing proximity because we are a company that moves and evolves with time and its customers.

Our business lines


Products and constructive solutions for acustically isolating walls, floors, downpipes, ceilings from environment noises in order to benefit of greater comfort and quality of life.

Building Applications



Products and constructive solutions for acustically isolating door, floors, ceilings, engine, boots, transimission tunnels, wheel pass, etc.  from engine and environment noises for better travel comfort and higher driving experience.

Automotive Applications